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The Imperium is a large political empire that spreads across vast reaches of the known galaxy. But, if you travel far enough, you can escape even the reach of the Imperium. One such place is: The Mutara Sector.

The Mutara Sector sits right on the edge of Imperium territory, and is largely unexplored. While many settlers have travelled out into the frontier, the contents of this sector remain unknown, although there are rumors of great treasure, great glory, and plenty of adventure to be had.

Mutara station is the furthest Deep Space station from the center of the Imperium. It orbits “Mutara,” a small moon orbiting a large gas giant. Mutara the moon itself is a small earth-like world that supports a small Imperial colony of about 50,000 people.

Station Staff

Commander Tomar: The commander is a stern military man, like most Imperium officers, but he’s been stationed out here on the rim long enough to know that strict rules are not always the best answer. He is very busy with Imperium business and the day-to-day grind of running a large space station, but he will occasionally ask for assistance from Travellers and other pilots, whether in transporting cargo, important passengers, or investigating something he does not have the resources to investigate himself.

Jack Rivers: Jack owns a large bar & restaurant on the station. He is known for his shrewdness, and is rumored to have connections with a shadier brand of people. He will occasionally ask Travellers for various kinds of help—the kind that Tomar can’t know about…

Clyde Peabody: Clyde owns and maintains a small general store on the station. He’s notorious for mumbling under his breath about the scarcity of supplies here on the rim. Truly, it’s rare that he gets a decent shipment in. As such, all his items are at technology level 8 or lower, and even then the selection is poor. Due to the station ban on weaponry, the only weapons he can sell are the tourist toy mock up ray guns. And those don’t even sell very well. You’re welcome to ask him for supplies, but it’s always a gamble whether or not he has anything.

The Station Bar: Legend of the Map

Jack Rivers’ favorite story is about a time a generation ago, before the Imperium owned Mutara station. He claims a band of Travelling adventurers kept a large map on the wall of the tavern, adding to it as they explored, telling tales of the adventures they had, and daring each other to go further and further out into the blank squares. Sometimes the adventures came back with riches, amazing tales, and added detailed information to the wall map. Other times, they never returned at all. It all changed one day when a busboy tripped over the large boot of a vacationing Merchant Marine, and spilled cleaning fluid all over the map, short circuiting it, deleting the information forever.

Now Jack has posted a new map, showing known space (which barely includes anything), daring would-be Travellers to add to it, as in the days of old. How much they can add, and how much wealth they bring back from their adventures remains to be seen…


Most of the time, freight transports are moving in and out of Mutara Station, but there are three permanent vessels that stay docked at all times, and are available for rent by those would-be Travellers who want to take a stab at adding to Jack’s famous map. Pilots are always lurking about the station, and could use the extra work if an adventuring party needs a pilot.

Merriweather The Merriweather: A mid-size cargo vessel. It’s got enough guns to protect itself in a jam, but it’s not built for war, it’s built for hauling cargo. Cost to rent: 25,000 Credits.

Robert-Louis The Robert-Louis: This ship is a large behemoth of a cargo vessel. It can haul more cargo than you can imagine, but it’s incredibly vulnerable. It’s not completely weaponless, but, as Jack says, “it may as well be.” Cost to rent: 35,000 Credits.

Kyrie The Kyrie: Light, fast, and sexy. This ship is pretty limited in cargo space, but more than makes up for it in firepower. Rumor has it that back in the day it was an escort ship in the Imperium navy. It still seeks adventure. Cost to rent: 30,000 Credits.

If need be, skilled pilots can always be found passed out in Jack’s bar. 6,000 Credits will ensure they sober up enough to get you where you’re going—unless you’ve got someone else that knows how to fly those things.

Known Space:

So far, only two star systems are known of near the station. Beyond that, it’s all in the black.

Kytheria: Kytheria is a small moon orbiting it’s main gas giant. It is 98% water covered, it’s population or about 500 million lives in underwater cities. The Kytherians are able to grow large amounts of crops using hydroponics and similar technologies, and harvest certain minerals that exist deep in their ocean beds. As such they export some of these products to the Imperium for a profit, but rarely need help doing so. They have their own transport system down pat.

This system contains a gas giant suitable for refueling Jump drives.

Sinos: Sinos is a small, low-gravity world (60% of Earth’s gravity), covered mostly in tall, dense forest of a bright red color, that is home to about 1 billion citizens. They have a very low technology level, do not travel the stars, and mostly keep to themselves. They are fine with visitors showing up and staying for short periods, but don’t particularly like it. They don’t like interacting with travellers, or the Imperium, or outsiders of any kind. They have a rigid government that bans most weapons and higher technology items. Sinos may appear to be a good place for scoundrels to hide, but hostility of the natives usually prevents this. There are some unverified reports that pirates like to hide in the Sinos system as they wait to monitor traffic to and from Mutara Station, in the hopes of finding victims.

This system does NOT contain a gas giant/refueling point.

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