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Welcome, Travellers!

Greetings all. I’m so happy you’ve decided to join us in some awesome space-opera adventure. I’m very excited about this game. Not only will it be a lot of fun, but it will be a fun experiment where we get to try a different approach to gaming.

Some of you are RPG veterans, and some of you have never had that glorious feeling of holding a d20 in the palm of your hand, but that doesn’t matter. This game of Traveller is a unique one, that gives you full control of your collective destiny. And Traveller doesn’t use d20’s anyway. So that we’re all on the same page, let’s talk about what makes this game unique. Please read through this prior to your first session:

1) You control the schedule

If you feel like playing a session, or have some extra time, send an email out to everyone on the list, proposing a time (obviously I have to be available to GM). If atleast 2 others want to play, we will play. With the exception of the first or second session, I will not be controlling the scheduling. It’s totally up to you guys. I do ask to have atleast a little bit of warning. Tell me where your characters intend to go for that session—once party members are selected, talk in the email about where you want to go, so that I’ll know what to have ready. I’d like to have a day or two’s notice, but a lot of my stuff is already made, so in a pinch, a few hours notice is doable. You can play as often or as little as possible. If you want to play all the time, we’ll try to make it happen. If you only have once a month, or every other month, or only during the summer, we’ll accommodate you. That’s the strength of the pool, which is point #2:

2) Pool of Players (Fight Prevention)

We have a pool of around 15 players on the email list, and it can be added to at any time. Feel free to bring new people into the group if you know someone that you think would enjoy the game. However, here’s the rules for number of players (not counting me the GM):
  • No less than 3, no more than 6 per session
  • If more than 6 people want to play, first dibs goes to people that have played the least. If you did not play last time, you get dibs over the guy who did. The guy that hasn’t played in months gets dibs over everybody. And so forth.
  • If you’re bringing another player with you, say so up front. Don’t assume that you can bring your girlfriend, or your spouse, or your little brother and have them play without telling anyone, because that will lead to having too many players and it’s not fair to the others. It’s not that we don’t want to include them, we definitely do, just let us know up front that you have a plus one, so we can get the player count to be right.
  • No secret sessions: Don’t come up to me at a party and say, “hey, the three of us want to do a session later, lets just not email everyone.” We can definitely have the session, but we need to be fair and at least offer the chance to play to everyone, in case others want to join in. We don’t want to purposefully exclude people.

3) This is a “Sandbox” style game.

If you’ve played games like Grand Theft Auto, you know what I mean. Basically I have constructed a world for you to explore. Some areas are simple, straight ahead, and simple. Some are very difficult and might get you in trouble. Some might get you dead. Some areas might be easy for a certain group, but hard for another, depending on the skill sets of the characters. I’m not writing storylines (beyond setting up certain initial political relationships); I’m not doing those things that most Game Masters do. You have full freedom to go anywhere you want, and see what’s out there. You can attempt anything you want, there are no situations where you are “supposed” to do, or not do something. It’s totally non-linear. That said, the unspoken gentleman’s agreement is that you will go out, leave the comfort of the station, and explore. Otherwise, you just sit around all day, and we have no game. There will be some threads, some “missions” and rumors to encourage you to do so, but you are not limited to picking one of them, if you’d rather just go and see if you can find something on your own.

4) Tell of your exploits

This site is a place for everyone to connect and keep track of the world as we go. I will not be adding content to this site myself (other than maybe general organization of the Wiki. I will also scan and add a map, but only the map you create during play). If you go out on an adventure, update the Adventure Log or the Wiki here at the site with what happened, and info on what you discovered. This is a simulation of your characters sitting around the station bar, swapping stories. If you don’t update it, its as if your characters were secretive about what happened, and either ignored questioning, or lied. That means you don’t warn your friends about the dangers you encountered, the clues you picked up, or the treasure you found. Certainly, you could purposefully choose to not tell of your adventure, especially if your character is a scoundrel, but you should expect to be resented by the others for keeping your story to yourself. The one exception to this is if your whole party dies while out on an adventure. In that case, you cannot tell anyone what happened. ‘Cause you’re dead!

5) Expect a high mortality rate

If you’re used to playing D&D, you’re probably used to kicking ass and taking names, superhero style. Not so in Traveller. Combat is dangerous. Guns are going off. You’ll poke your eye out. While you should love and be attached to your character, you should expect to die every now and again. It’s no problem, you can always create a new character or choose from some stock ones I’ve built. Just don’t take it personally. And, that’s not to say it will happen often, I’m just saying, don’t be surprised or pissed when it does. The unexplored edge of the known galaxy is a dangerous place. That’s what makes it fun.

For info about the game story and setting, check out the Wiki. There’s also a section there that explains some of the basic rules, so you can get a feel for how it works. Don’t worry, we’ll go over the specifics as we play.

I reserve the right to add to, remove, or otherwise change the rules listed here if we encounter any social issues that need to be resolved.

Thanks for playing, now let’s get out there and explore the galaxy!

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