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Here’s whats going on at the station right now. These are requests, news, gossip, or rumors that could lead you to adventure and riches. This list is ever changing, so check it often—definitely before each session! If you scroll down you’ll find a list of common ventures that are always available to you, if you’re feeling like taking more risks…

Around the Station:

Some of you have had some exciting adventures already, and might want to follow up with them based on what happened. Alternatively, here’s what’s been going on lately on Mutara station:

  • On a recent mission, the team discovered a report from Lystra that a huge capital ship was in that system recently. It’s odd because ships of that size hadn’t been seen around Lystra before, they just have a modest oil exporting businesses, and a huge capital ship seems out of place. It jumped out of the system as soon as it was discovered, but judging from the heat and power readings, it probably didn’t jump more than a sector or two away.
  • You sit down at the bar, and Jack Rivers quickly leans over to you, as he pours out a drink, then refills it without washing. “Hey, whats the deal? You guys found Gethil?” He asks you with an indignant sense of surprise. You start to stammer through an answer, taken aback by the question, when he interuppts you, pointing to a woman at the back of the bar staring at the map. ”’Cuz THAT chick has been asking for you guys, says she heard rumors that Gethil was found by a group of explorers based here. I think she wants in on the action.” the woman he’s pointing to has long jet-black hair, a thick flak jacket, worn boots, with heavy goggles resting on her head. “Well, go’an,” Jack urges, “I ain’t playin’ matchmaker all day!”
  • Seems like more passengers than usual are milling about the docking ring, looking for passage. Depending on your destination, you could probably rustle up a little extra cash.

What You Can Always Do…

None of the threads striking your fancy? Feel like taking some extra risk and the chance of even greater rewards? Here’s some options that are always available at any time:

  • Freight: The money ain’t great, but it’s safe. Payment is almost guaranteed, and not likely to draw any legal trouble.
  • Passengers: If you know where you’re going, you might be able to drum up some paying customers to hitch along for the ride. The money won’t cover the ship rental fees, but it’s a great way to get some supplemental cash flow. As long as you don’t get someone that ends up causing problems, that is…
  • Trade: Freight is easy and safe, but Trade could give you a serious payday if you play your cards right. You’ll have to find vendors, buy the cargo up front, then find a place to fence it for a profit.
  • Smuggling: Just because it’s illegal don’t make it wrong. Just like trade, you’ll have to use all your skills to find some black-market dealers. Although you’re risking some legal trouble, and making yourself a target for other criminals, the potential payoff for shipping illegal contraband of any kind makes the money from honest trade look like chump change.

Current Threads

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