The Mutara Sector

The Feed

Every few sessions, I’ll post new happenings around the station. These ‘plot threads’ could be picked up by you and lead to adventure, or they can be ignored. Full details on the current available threads can be found at the Current Threads wiki page.

  • Peabody’s shop has Cloth Armor and a few Flak Jackets for sale.
  • Rumors of Pirates in the area is leading to extra security on freight lines.
  • Jack Rivers has dropped a not-so-subtle hint about a potential high-paying job. He wants it kept quiet, whatever it is.
  • Rumors are heard of a massive treasure storehouse on a place called “Gethil.” No one knows where that is.

For more details on these threads, Check out the Current Threads page.

Welcome, Travellers
Get outta the bar, and into your ship! There's money to be made!

Welcome, travellers! My name’s Jack Rivers, I own the best bar in Mutara Station. Sure it’s the only bar, but that’s not important. What is important is that you sit down and have a drink while I tell you this great story.

When the Imperium finally advanced all the way out here and bought this old station, this bar was run by an old man named Kwarn. He used to tell me stories of the old days, and my favorite one was about the old Tavern Map.

Kwarn was old as hell and dead crazy on top of it, but the boy could spin a good yarn. He says this place used to be a haven for wandering travellers and adventurers. The type’a people that can’t sleep at night unless they’ve risked their life or done somethin’ crazy during the day. Apparently these old explorers would dare each other to venture further and further out into the sector, then come back and update a giant map of the place on the wall back there. And boy, if old Kwarn’s stories were true, then not only was that map a lit-up somethin’ fierce, but these folk were haulin’ in more money than I’ve ever heard of—if they came back at all, that is!

When I asked him what happened, and why I didn’t see a map, OR patrons with any money, old Kwarn told me some idiot busboy named Sisko tripped and spilled a full bucket’a bleach-water all over the damn thing, sending up a shower of sparks that erased the data completely. After that, it seems everything kinda dissolved, and thats about when the Imperium moved in and I bought the bar.

In any case, the old codger inspired me to try and give the legend another go. I’ve got a map over there you can see, but all we’ve got on it is the systems we know of, right next to the station. That’d be Kytheria and Sinos, although I don’t know why in the hell anybody’d want to go to those dumps. Ain’t nothin’ there in the way of adventure, that’s for damn sure.

Someone needs to add some new info to that map, and see if all that treasure and stories of glory can be found again. I’m lookin’ at you, mate. That is, if you got the stones! I mean, what else you gonna do? Sit around and drink Algerian Ale all day?

Sisko! Bring another round already, you useless sack of space trash!


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