James Madison

Imperium Navy, Petty Officer First Class, Retired. Madison is an accomplished Engineer, and pilot, as well as a world class Computer Specialist.


James Madison served a successful 16 year career in the Imperium Navy as an Engineer and pilot, through which he received a world-class education. Widely considered a Computer genius, he has written several textbooks on the finer points of Software/Hardware, a few of which are still required reading in Naval classes.

A life long pacifist, he viewed Naval service as a means to an education, and a chance to make a better path for himself. His prowess with electronics enabled him to avoid any sort of front line duty; he instead served his time designing and implementing systems for Naval infrastructure and counter-intrusion, learning to pilot transport class vessels, and designing ship blueprints.

Five years ago, he met Cecilia Schnegelbauer, a Contract Scout, on an Imperium Survey Mission. The two developed a relationship that remained largely distant, due to James’ military career. Recently, James received an honorable discharge, and, upon retiring, sought Cecilia out and proposed marriage. The two moved to the Outer Rim, to a small colony station rotating around the little moon of Mutara, in order to create a life for themselves, and maybe even find a little adventure.

James Madison

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