Dr Howard

Charming, brilliant, and a little selfish. Dr Howard was sent to the Rim on company exile, and now he's got to figure out what to do.


Dr. Grant grew up in a rich highly populated world. He was always smart, but he more often relied his charm. After schmoozing his way to an impressive career with an inner-core university, Dr. Grant caroused the wrong person. His punishment was exhile to the rim. Officially, he’s on a research sabbatical, but actually the university is waiting until everyone has forgotten about him so they can “release him from tenure.” Fortunately, Dr. Grant is not only charming but a genius to boot, so he will find a way to reclimb the steps of fame among the intelligencia.

Recently he’s opened a private laboratory in the high tower of the station. His cousin Kal hangs around under the pretense of security.

Dr Howard

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