Pilgrim Progress

35 year old ex-fighter pilot; down on his luck, but still has good abs.


Young Will Progess yearned to be a pilot after viewing a non-homoerotic holovid of fighter pilots who kept the Imperium safe from tyranny. He studied long hours and worked hard to make the connections to join the Imperial Navy and navigate a career in the cockpit. His tenacity and pseudo athletic prowess landed him flight school on second tour in the fleet. His flight class crowned him, callsign “PILGRIM” after a contest among the class of whose homeworld was the most remote. (At least that’s the story Progress tells. Fact is it was a substandard literary jab at his unimpressive last name. Worse, none of his fellow pilots had even read the ancient text.) Pilgrim’s career was routine until his dashing good looks and charisma won him the star role in a holovid documentary about fighter craft in the Imperial Navy. This boon gave Pilgrim fame, but also undo attention and jealousy from fellow pilots who exceeded Pilgrim in skill, ego, or both.

In war sector battle groups, fighter pilots fly daily combat missions and live a life of danger and risk. Sadly, Pilgrim was never assigned to a battle group. Due to his work on the documentary, Imperium Command was never going to assign him where he could be compromised and damage the Navy’s public relations image. Pilgrim’s frustration caused a string of rebellious acting out moments whose consequences soured Pilgrim’s career. During Pilgrim’s third tour on a routine training exercise Pilgrim’s antics jeopardized the life of a fellow crewman. Only by Pilgrim’s skill and quick thinking was he able to save the crewman, but the experience caused him to rethink his next career steps.

Pilgrim tried to transfer the Scout Corp, but his fame and attitude were considered too great of distractions and mustering out became the only option. Taking what little cash he had, Pilgrim, now free from authority decided to “hitch the rim” and see what life was like in the outer worlds. But even this ended in tragedy when the ship Pilgrim paid passage for lost engines and life support. There was an explosion shattering Pilgrim’s knee and leaving him to drift. Pilgrim was rescued days later by a salvage freighter who came to investigate the distress beacon.

Pilgrim knows that life can be good again, but the path to recovery is in a pilot’s chair. If you need to go somewhere and have a ship… Let’s roll.

Pilgrim Progress

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