Bruce Buffer

The Business man extrodinare trying to hit it big on the outer rim. Also, He is very worried about losing his goo.


“If you need to move product Buffer is the name you can count on.” or so the slogan goes.

Though Bruce is a superb broker, he is a failure in any athletic endeavor. He weighs around 375 lbs., always wears suits with suspenders, and he looks like an egg wearing pants. If Bruce can’t talk his way out. He is certainly not running his way out.


After some years in the private sector of the Imperium, Bruce Buffer decided he was tired of playing second fiddle to brain dead managers. Also, he is trying to run as far away as he can from his ex-wife. You know him by his trade mark suspenders, his obesity issue, and the cigars he is always smoking (assuming this isn’t a pure oxygen enviroment).

Bruce Buffer

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