The Mutara Sector

The Feed 002

updated current events around the station

Some of you have had some exciting adventures already, and might want to follow up with them based on what happened. Alternatively, here’s what’s been going on lately on Mutara station:

-You’ve seen a strange man wandering around the station the past few days. He’s dressed in fine, expensive clothing, much nicer than usual for out here on the rim. He’s making an effort to make himself look distinguished, but he’s clearly troubled. He’s jumpy, nervous, and looks like he hasn’t slept in days. He’s particularly been spending time in Jack’s bar talking to various pilots, who don’t seem to be interested in what he has to say.

-(meta: Harlan Dixon is a pre-made character, one of the adventurers that lives on the station with you. He is available as a player character if you don’t want to build a character of your own. He is an eccentric science professor with good medic, computer, and investigate skills, and a knowledge of varied sciences) Harlan Dixon just received a transmission from an old colleague. It seems that renowned planetologist Rolin Wainmyer is heading to Mutara station, and he’d like to hire a crew to go out on a scientific mission. He’d prefer the crew have some scientific experience and education, but it’s not required. He’ll share the details upon arrival.

-As always, if no current threads appeal to you, you can always approach a planet and try to make contacts and find work shipping freight and trade goods, either legal or illegal. With the rumors of increased piracy in the area, that could be an adventure unto itself.


James Madison is really interested in Harlan’s news about Dr. Wainmyer’s science mission. Madison is a little tired of all of this quasi-legal nonsense that the rest of his friends seem to get themselves involved in (even if it is making him stinking rich), and he could use a chance to get back to what he does best (science).

The Feed 002

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