The Mutara Sector

Roman and Giran: a love too deep

“You wouldn’t believe what happens in the outer rim; I don’t think any of these uncharted planets really understand how business is done.” You’ve heard this same battle cry for the past three weeks. Something about a deal gone awry. Bruce hasn’t really expanded at all on the details and rest assured had he spoken, everyone in the bar would know it. Sure Bruce is a likeable guy but give it a rest.

A random traveller, a man of no consequence pulls up a seat at the bar next to Mr. Buffer and says “of course what did you expect? What makes your story any different than the hundreds of others that happen out here everyday” “I’ll tell you but it will cost you a drink”

The stranger nods at the bartender and Bruce offers the man a cigar which he gladly accepts. The two light up and as Bruce begins his tale.

“Well, it all started with an under the table job that our good friend (points at bartender) lead us too. There was a man by the name of Roman that wanted some Guns brought to a contact named Giran, on a poor industrial world named Lystra. Roman was obviously an ex-solider. He was scarred up and modded out. You know the type, a face that never showed emotion and a lack of willingness to negotiate. As I said, these guys don’t understand business at all.”

The bartender brings out a glass of Scotch. Which causes Bruce to pause only long enough to guzzle half of it down like it was water.

“So we rent our ship and head to this planet, According to James Madison - our naive yet refreshingly honest pilot - we had been followed by three vessels. Nothing ever came of this, though I suspect those were Roman’s personal ships for reasons that will be clear soon enough. Anyways, we get to this backwater planet and do everything we can to avoid confirming the fact that we have a cargo bay full of guns. So we go out in search of Giran at local pubs, only to find out he is a poorly liked political leader of some kind. Whatever, Business is Business. I like anyone who can line my pockets.

We were so scared we were being set up for a trap that we went to great lengths to construct a plan to scout out and investigate the drop point in order to insure that this little business venture was in fact legit. In my limited experience out here I can tell you, that is a fair concern. As soon as we got back in our ship to execute our well laid plan, the dock foreman asked if we had Giran’s shipment. All that secrecy for nothing! Gaht- Damn back worlds…..

We get to Giran’s personal estate to deliver the expected shipment, why anyone would want this arsenal delivered to their home is beyond me. anyways, Giran ends up being one of the few sensible business men around. This is when all of the action really begins. You see, Madison detected a ship landing 10 miles away from the drop spot and a small vehicle driving towards our location.

I informed Giran of the Situation and he seemed unconcerned. Giran was a cocky invincible individual. He walked with a bravado known only to the most self-assured. But this ended up being his undoing.

At this point the vehicle arrives and who steps out? Roman. That tricky star dog. He starts shouting stuff about being betrayed and then pulls his gun. That was my signal that civilized business was done for. I ran as fast as I could to the ship—which, for the record, wasn’t very fast. From the safety of the airlock I watched Roman start firing on Giran, while the muscle of the group (Chris and Jason) had a very in depth talk about…... about…. who knows, all I know is that they weren’t fighting. They weren’t fighting and Giran was shot dead.

As it turns out, this was all a ruse by Roman to have Giran’s defenses lowered so he could extract revenge for some blah, blah blah bla blah” (Bruce makes a talking mouth motion with his hand while rolling his eyes) [meta: A long time ago, Roman and Giran had worked together with a squad of Marine’s on a huge drug bust—but Giran was on the take, betrayed them, and got all the marine’s except Roman killed. Chris’s character made a deep emotional impact with Roman. Jason’s character did not like being betrayed and put Roman on some sort of shoot-on-sight-blacklist] We had to do the one thing that I hate doing. We called the authorities. The authorities questioned us individually and I had set up the perfect ignorance/wrong place wrong time scenario for the other guys; all they had to do was stick to the script.

But that James Madison is a wild card. Or perfectly predictable card. I can’t tell. anyways He ended up telling the cops the Truth. If this had been any other planet we’d be rotting in a jail cell right now.

Luckily we got off the home world with only our cargo confiscated.”

The stranger was fascinated by what Bruce was saying and asked

“so, all that and you didn’t get a thing”

“Hell no. as I said earlier, Giran was a business man, Giran paid up front. And Roman didn’t take his cut.”

“How much did you guys end up netting?”

“1.65 million, not bad for moving fake armaments”

“They were fake?”

“Did I not mention that? Well, anyways, they were fake. And Giran had this heavily fortified warehouse out back. I wonder what was inside. Who knows?’


Fantastic! Thanks Mike!

Roman and Giran: a love too deep

Awesome. Very enjoyable.

Roman and Giran: a love too deep

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