The Mutara Sector

Previously on Traveller, pt 3

weird science happened

More meta:

Session #5 “We Do Science To It” or, “What ‘Fringe’ SHOULD be, if it was cool”

Players: Pilgrim (you might know him from such movies as ‘space top-gun’, Champ), James Madison (THAT guy, Jeremy), Bruce Buffer (how did he fit in the turret? Mike O), Dr. Grant (He’s a doctor, not an anything else, Ryan).

A famous scientist named Rolin Wainmyer was headed to Mutara station, and wanted the crew to accompany him to planet Gaius. Rolin was a famous planetologist, one of the leaders in the field of terraformation. He speacialized in worlds that are “almost” habitable, and he modifies the environment to support human life and colonies. Gaius was his first project, and he wants to visit it to see how it’s been holding up.

Trying to expand the profit margin of the mission Bruce Buffer asked Jack the bartender if he knows of any cargo they might be able to unload on a place like Gaius. Jack leans over and discreetly whispered, “how do you feel about Llamas?”

So, with a cargo hold full of Llamas, they arrive at Gaius, a rich garden world, which seems to only have one tiny colony. Rolin directed the team to the backside of the planet to conduct some research into the environment. After setting up the ridiculous amount of gear, several large tentacle creatures attacked the crew, giving Dr. Grant a serious lashing. The team quickly pulled their firearms and opened fire on the creatures. They even managed to turn the ships turrets loose and recklessly fired huge beam cannons at the things, obliterating them in a spray of ooze.

The Kryophage It was then that Rolin broke down and told them the real story. He took some shortcuts when he terraformed this world, and a native strain of bacteria called the Kryophage had mutated into these dangerous creatures, which now posed a threat to the colony. He needed the crew to help him not only save the colonists, but save his legacy as a scientist. They only had a few days before an investigation team would arrive to judge the danger on this planet, and when the creatures were discovered, Rolin’s name would be a blight in the history books, instead of the shining example it currently was. He needed to solve the Kryophage problem before that team arrived, and before the colonists were harmed.

After investigating the creatures, Dr. Grant worked long hours discovering exactly how the creatures worked, and managed to synthesize a retrovirus that could potentially de-evolve them to a harmless state, if the could plant the virus inside one of their hives.

Pilgrim took the ship to the air and found a large cave structure that seemed to serve as a central hive. It took all his piloting skills to navigate the ships safely through the cavers as much as they could, and then James Madison’s remote control airplane did the rest, depositing the retrovirus exactly where it was needed.

During the process, the team found a large, egg-shaped artifact that appeared to glow with a blue light. Not knowing what it was, they took it on board for further study. It appeared unresponsive at first.

They hooked up with the colonists, sold the Llamas in exchange for a large amount of spices, and jumped out of the system. As soon as they entered jumpspace, the artifact began to hum and glow eerily, and when touched, it opened up and the whole cargo bay was glowing with radiant blue light in a beautiful map of the stars. Taking a scan, Madison fed the data into the computer, whose astrogation software showed that the artifact was highlighting a few sectors that the team hadn’t been to before.

Putting that mystery to rest, the team sold the spice on Aleophon. They also picked up a lot of coded comm chatter in the sector, presumably from pirate vessels. They booked it back home, wondering if they could potentially capture more ships…



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