The Mutara Sector

Previously on Traveller, pt 2

then this happened

Continuing the all-meta info. Here’s the adventures you COULD be having:

Session #4: “The Dread Space-Pirate Roberts” Players: Bruce Buffer (fat bastard businessman, Mike O), Sam Phisher (think Master Chief, Chris), Truck (he loads boxes, sometimes shotguns, Gary), James Madison (professional pussy-footer, Jeremy) and Pilgrim (pretty-boy pilot, Champ).

Commander Tomar, the head of Mutara Station approached the team needing help. A few ships had been sent out from the station, and hadn’t been heard back from, he feared the worst. Resources being limited, he was only able to investigate one of the ships, and wanted the team to investigate the other. They did.

They travelled to the ships destination to try to find it. They found Aleophon, a rich waterworld known for it’s floating skscrapers and huge flying cities. It’s where the rich old people go to retire in absolute luxury. On the outskirts of the sector they found the derelect vessel they were searching for, looked like it had been in a fight. Pilgrim used his piloting skills to dock with the spinning damaged vessel, which was no easy task, and they boarded. They found a lot of dead marines, and one who was barely alive, and ashamed of how he let his crewmates die. It appears the ships had been hit by pirates, who killed most of the crew while this young recruit was hiding, almost like he was imitating James Madison.

As they were exploring the ship, another vessel appeared out of jumpspace and appeared to be on an intercept course—the pirates had come back to finish looting the ship!

The crew jumped back into their vessel with the young pansy marine survivor, and booked it out of dodge. Pilgrim managed to rig the derelect vessel to fly autopilot on a collision course to the pirates, as the two ships exchanged furious laser fire. Both ships took damage, and the team finally managed to break the distance and jump out of there.

Session 4.5 “I smell gold!” or, “Can I hit them with the sandcaster? What does that do?” “They Die. Instanly and horribly. Way to go, Pacifist.”

(Pilgrim needed a break, and took one, but the rest of the crew wanted to settle something from before).

James Madison, from his very first mission, had come across quite a large stockpile of gold, and knew that Bruce Buffer would be helpful in negotiating a good price, if they could find a buyer. The newly discovered Aleophon seemed like a good place to unload some precious metals. After a blunderous deal-session, the crew was approached by two pirate vessels who began attacking immediately. This time, the crew wanted to put their courage to the test—even James Madison didn’t want the pirates to get away with such… piracy…

The team was flying the Kyrie, an old Military escort, and it proved quite a match for the pirates, heavily damaging one ship as the team shouted over the comms threatening words and demands for surrender. Over the comm, the team heard back the cacophonous sounds of a struggle—it seems the first pirate vessel was in a state of mutiny! The pirates were arguing amongst each other about whether they should escape or not, and it had gotten violent. The second ship proved more difficult. It tried to escape, but the Kyrie pursued it hard. Eventually the pirates launched a boarding party, using jetpacks to blast their was across. A well-placed missle landed right in the pirate’s open cargo bay, killing most of the crew instantly in a huge ball of firey death. The last few members of the boarding party got close to the Kyrie when the team let loose a barrage of sandcasters. Meant to block laser beams, the sandcasters are a powerful weapon when used on people. The remaining pirates were shredded to pieces, and the team captured the pirate vessel.

They managed to repair the Pirate Corsair, and it’s now parked at Mutara Station. It looks like this: Corsair



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