The Mutara Sector

Previously, on Traveller pt 1

here's what happened

Hey gang, just wanted to give some brief descriptions of the last few sessions, since no one has written them up. All this info is “Meta,” so your characters won’t necessarily know it. This is just to give you, the player, an idea of what’s been happening, to show the variety of cool adventures that have been going on, they’ve been fun.

Session 3: “Where’s My Daughter?” or, “Medical Mishaps”

Players: James Madison (pacifist computer whiz, Jeremy), Agent Haberdash (Violent Spy, Jason), Truck (pro dock-loader and all-around nice guy, Gary), Spike (ex-pirate, Cowboy Steve), and Sam Phisher (ex-Marine badass, Chris).

The team was hired by a scared scientist named Brighton Danophan, who was being extorted by the Marconi Syndicate. They had his daughter captured in cryofreeze on a small science station orbiting Lyria (an ice-capped industrial world). He wanted them to retrieve his daughter, and his research, which could lead him to cure his daughters sickness. Upon arriving at the empty, seemingly derelict research station, they docked, forced their way in after spying using a remote control drone, and searched the place. During the search, they were attacked by two Syndicate guards. A quick spray of gunfire sent James Madison running to the other room like a little girl. To his credit, he tried to cut the power, but wasn’t able to hack it. The rest of the team quickly killed one guard and captured the other, taking him hostage. They found the research, found several tons of medical supplies that would fetch a good price, and even found a secret supply of Xarnacin (an illegal combat-enhancing narcotic).

During the loading process, a ship jumped into the sector and began to approach, clearly a syndicate vessel come to check on the station. The team loaded what they could and launched the ship. As they were leaving, and the syndicate vessel was warning them not to leave, there was some argument of what to do next. While the team raced through their options, Spike jumped to action, leaping into a turret and fired a devastating laser blast into the side of the research station, blowing a huge gaping hole in the side. Some more brief fire was exchanged before the team was able to get to jump distance and get the hell out of dodge.

The team knew they could probably unload their med supplies on a world like Naiwa, the rich, high-tech planet that it was. Upon arriving in Naiwa’s sector, they picked up a distress call from a derelict ship floating nearby. There was quite a bit of argument over what to do with the syndicate hostage, and whether or not to investigate the distress call. Eventually it was decided that they couldn’t ignore a ship that might be in trouble. Truck took the initiative and suited up in a Vacc Suit to explore the troubled vessel. He walked alone through the dark, steaming hallways, seeing blood on the walls, scratch marks, clear signs of a violent, brutal struggle. Getting halfway through the ship Truck felt a sharp tearing down his back, he was under attack! turning, he saw a disfigured, horribly scarred figure, whose flesh was burned, boiled, and deformed, his fingernails grown into large claws. He let a few shotgun blasts ring out and the creature fell to the ground.

They explored the ship further and found research and medical supplies relating to some sort of virus. At this point the recieved a message from Naiwa. A representative from Pharin Pharmaceuticals detected their presence and wanted to get the research that was on board the ship, it was worth a lot of money to them. James Madison remembered that Pharin was the target of a number of increasingly violent protest groups on Naiwa.

The team was able to find another source on Naiwa to sell their medical supplies, not trusting Pharin. They tried to sell the information to the protest groups leader, but they were unimpressed, they seemed to already have their own evidence of Pharin’s wrongdoing. The team left, and hasn’t been back to Naiwa since.

Contacts gained: James Madison and Truck both forged a good relationship with Brighton Danophan, and would consider him a good friend. James Madison also made a sizeable donation to a Naiwa hospital, gaining a contact with one of the head doctors: John Swanson.



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