The Mutara Sector

Previously, On Traveller, part 5 and a half

the zombies part

Session 7.5: “In mother Russia, the dead don’t try to kill you… much”

Players: Blake Digglestone (my gun is bigger than your gun, also I have grenades, Jeremy), Truck (this is the perfect place to load something, Gary), Haberdash (commence blade-dodging, Jason) and Commander Roclaw (he’s from russia, even though this is the space-future and russia doesn’t exist, Mike O).

The players had some money burning a hole in their space-pockets, and wanted some cybernetic enhancements done, and Doc was able to point them in the direction of a Karnak Toth, who worked on a planet called Ainon. After a bit of looking, the players found the planet, and got Toth to install some subdermal armor.

The players then decided to follow up on a lead from planet Naiwa. Last time they passed through the area, they found it odd that such a busy, high technology planet would have complete comm silence, and no shipping traffic whatsoever. It just seemed eerily out of place.

Approaching the planet, the players noticed the same eerie silence, and they head to the site of the hospital where John Swanson worked. John was an old contact known by James Madison and Truck, and it seemed like as good a place as any to start an investigation. Landing at a nearby port, a few miles walk from the hospital, the players opened the airlock to find empty city streets, looted stores, burned out, destroyed vehicles, and general disarray. Occasionally, the team came across mutilated bodies that seemed to be shredded apart by vicious animals. A small child was found in the back seat of a car, torn apart, it’s insides thrown hastily across the interior of the car. The players began to hear strange sounds all around them… clicking noises, heavy breathing, fast footsteps…

Blake turned and face forward, guns drawn, just like the rest of the team. When he turned back around, four creatures were sprinting straight towards him—human-like figures whose flesh was burned, blistered, whose teeth were large, grotesque, gruesome mandibles and whose fingernails had grown into large razor-sharp claws. The team opened fire as the creatures sprinted forward. Laser rifle beams cut through some of the creatures, as shotgun blasts rang out, blowing off limbs and sometimes heads. The creatures caught up to the team and let a flurry of vicious slashing attacks loose on the team. Blake stood valiantly, taking most of the hits as they glanced off his brand new combat armor. Truck took some vicious damage.

The team finally managed to clear the enemies, but could hear more coming. They made their way to the door of the hospital as hordes of creatures ran towards them making screeching hissing sounds. The door was barricaded. Truck and Roclaw smashed it in while Haberdash and Blake held the creatures at bay. Finally the team made it inside to find a dimly lit corridor full of dead nurses and orderlies, all torn apart, their dried blood caking the floors. The team even came across a nursery where dozens of children had been sliced apart by the monstrosities. Around this time, Truck and Blake, who had both taken some damage from the creatures, began to feel very strange, mentally drained, and unable to focus.

Eventually they came to John Swanson’s office and found it locked. After some forcing, they got inside to see John’s body draped across his desk, dead. He had been recording a video at the time of his death, and they pulled it up. It was a message intended for James Madison, warning him of the situation on Naiwa, saying that Pharin Pharmaceuticals, a company the players had encountered before, had accidentally created this virus that mutated part of the population into these horrid abominations, and the disease had spread through the entire planet. The message was part plea for help, part warning to stay away. In the middle of the recording, John had been attacked by one of the creatures. He managed to fight it off, lock the door, then died from his wounds while trying to finish the recording.

The players managed to mine the computer for information and evidence about Pharin, as well as some gene sequencing software. The doctors research pointed to the fact that this hospital might house a decent cybernetics lab, but the players didn’t have time for investigating. They grabbed a fairly high level Med-Kit, and passed by about 1 ton worth of random medical diagnostic equipment in the rooms. Using the med kit, they tested each others blood and saw that Truck and Blake had been hit with some sort of nuerotoxin. They needed a way back to the ship without risking getting attacked in the streets again. They searched the computers and found a set of ambulances in the emergency wing of the building, or a care flight helicopter on the roof.

They made their way upstairs to the roof. Halfway up they heard the screeching sounds of the creatures coming from below them. As they ran, and Truck limped, Blake dropped some grenades down hastily, killing a large group of the beasts, but the explosion was so close to the team, that they were hit by flying shrapnel. The team made it to the top of the stairs, chased by more creatures, and barely made it out the door in time. Roclaw held the door as the other players sprinted to the chopper. In a last moment of desperation, Roclaw tossed a grade through the door into the mob of creatures desperately craving for his blood, then he sprinted to the copper, the explosion igniting the roof behind him in a spray of fire, blood, and limbs. He grabbed on the side of the chopped just as it lifted off, as more creatures jumped to slash at him with no avail.

They made it back to the ship and jumped out of the system as soon as possible.



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