The Mutara Sector

Previously, On Traveller, part 5

Space Heists and Space Zombies happened.

This night was split into 2 separate sessions of play:

Session 7: “No, I’m Not Trying to be Stealthy”

Players: Bruce Buffer (amazing driver. Also fat. Mike O), Dr. Grant (yep, still a doctor, Ryan), Haberdash (thank god I upgraded my explosives skill last time, Jason), and Blake Digglestone (why be nervous? I just have an untested nuclear accelerator strapped to my back, Jeremy)

The players followed up on an old lead on the planet Lystra, where previously the players had been involved in the assassination of the main settlements magistrate, and another group had successfully fought off a mob protection racket.

They knew that the magistrate’s mansion had a secret, well-protected shed/warehouse in the back that possibly contained something awesome. So they went to check it out. They found that a new magistrate named Owen Renthal had taken over the town. He was a very young man who fancied himself a noble, but was in reality not the brightest. He was in fact the guy who bent over and allowed the mob to gain a foothold there in the first place. Bruce began chatting the guy up about buying some sort of space-wine-scotch or something fancy like that, while Dr. Grant and Blake faked their way through the estate, posing as health inspectors. This also gave Haberdash the chance to sneak away on his own and case the place.

Haberdash devised a plan to place a bomb on the main power generator of the facility, dropping the power and allowing the team to steal the potentially precious treasure, but he needed time to set the bomb, meaning he needed the others to distract the guard at the generator. Blake stepped out with a gigantic laser rifle, powered by a huge electronic backpack, pointed right at the guards face, without even trying to hide it. The guard freaked out, pulled a gun and the two exchanged some heated words while Dr. Grant tried to not die. A second guard came up behind Blake and demanded they put the guns down. All parties eventually did, and the guards made to arrest the doctor and his trigger-happy new friend. Dr. Grant didn’t take kindly to being treated like a common thug, and put up a very loud and obnoxious argument, which only infuriated the guards more.

Eventually the two were taken and locked up, sans laser rifle, just as Haberdash finished constructing his explosive. Owen, who was in contact with his guards during all this, was now wise to the situation, and kicked Bruce out of the place. As Bruce walked out the front door and talked through the new plan on the teams new comm system, a huge explosion tore through the complex, dropping the power. At the very same instant, Blake and the doctor smashed out of their makeshift prison thanks to Blake’s concealed body pistol. A passing guard saw them and exchanged a few shots and Dr. Grant sprinted up to him, syringe in hand. The doctor pumped the guard full of nitro, dropping him almost instantly to the ground. The guard stared at Dr. Grant in horror, unable to move, as the doctor soothed him with words of how everything was gonna be ok, and he could heal the guard if he was willing to cooperate.

By this point, Haberdash joined them as Bruce acquisitioned a small loading jeep/truck thing and drove towards the shed. With a security guard running behind him taking potshots, he expertly wove the vehicle through the grounds of the estate, lining it up perfectly with the door of the shed, smashing into it at full speed. The players discovered 23 tons of Xarnacin – an illegal combat stimulant used by the military, and para-military mercenary groups. The players realized this was worth a lot of money – but that their ship could only carry 15 tons, and they had no way to get the goods to the ship.

Racing back to the ship, aware that the cops had been called, they took off and flew the ship over the estate, turret beam cannons bathing the grounds in searing fire. Blake took the jeep out to a large distance and began picking off guards with his rifle as the ship continued to blast cop cars, sawing them in half or just blowing them up. Dr. Grant used science to vanquish his enemies, hacking into the guards comm frequencies and sending a special carrier-wave signal designed to cause paralysis instantly. All said and done, 4 police officers met with their death, as well as 5 private security guards.

The players loaded up as much of the Xarnacin as they could carry and headed for a place they could sell it—Aleophon. Blake found a man named Rick – an ex-marine junkie who still had some ties to mercenary groups. He offered to buy the Xarnacin, but couldn’t match the deal Bruce worked out with another buyer: a man known simply as “Doc,” who not only bought the Xarnacin for over 2 million credits, but provided some rare black-market weapons and armor to the team. However, Doc was an old enemy of Blake’s, who seems to harbor a bitter grudge over some former betrayal. Dr. Grant also made a contact named Alex Reed at a local hospital while posing as a representative for a fictional Dr. Rosenrosen. Alex was offering the sale of some used medical equipment.

With all that wrapped up, the team headed back to the station, where Dr. Grant was eager to return to his lab for more tests, but the team found that Truck was sitting around, eagerly itching to get out into a new mission…



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