The Mutara Sector

Previously, On Traveller, part 4

The best gunfight ever happened

Session #6: “The Half-Decent Seven,” or, “The Magnificent-ish Four”

Players: Dr. Grant (I think he’s a doctor, Ryan), Truck (the steward skill means something dammit, Gary), Haberdash (secret agent man, Jason) and Silas Wainright (this pilot/gun’s for hire, Jeff).

Clyde Peabody, owner of the humble item shop on Mutara station, wanted the team to find him a good size shipment of oil (a likely find on desert worlds) and establish him a source so he could get some better items in his shop. The only desert planet the team knew of was Lystra, the place where Giran was killed not so long ago.

They arrived at Lystra to find that there was a weird abscence of comm chatter. They knew this world only had one small settlement, but there was usually something going on. Eventually they were spotted by someone on the ground and asked to leave the area, although in the background, noise was heard, phrases like “maybe they can help us,” “ain’t no one can help us,” etc. as two clearly younger parties argued, forgetting to switch off the comm. Eventually an elder voice came across and said the team could land.

They were greeted by a man named Sam and his two boys. After some initial hesitation and awkwardness, Sam explained that since Giran died, the town was taken over by Owen Renthal, who pretty much bent over for the Marconi Syndicate. The syndicate was taking all the oil from the colony in a classic “protection” racket.

The team wanted that oil and wanted to help the colony out, so they started setting up an ambush. They tried to set some explosives, but being so unskilled in such a task, they couldn’t figure out how to safely work the fuses to not blow themselves up. Silas was able to stake out the refinery and set up good positioning for everyone involved. Trying to get the settlers involved, Dr. Grant stood in front of the town to give a rousing speech, a call to arms. Instead, he mumbled a lot, trailed off, and kept saying stuff like, “come on, it’s not a big deal if you get hurt, I mean, I AM a doctor after all… cough.” Few people were inspired, but one grisly old man in a dusty, torn flak jacket, a tattered hat, and a broken, splintered monacle stood up waving a gun around shouting, “I’ll join ya! I wanna send them straight t’hell fer what they done to my boy!” This was the man who the townspeople referred to as “Old Man Vengeance.”

The next morning the Marconi ship entered orbit and gave the usual instructions. Haberdash tried to use the data they stole from the previous mission on the Lyria Medical Station as leverage. The Syndicate people in this ship appeared to have no knowledge of what Haberdash was talking about. These were clearly grunts. The ship landed, and they started loading the oil like clockwork. After a few tons had been loaded, everyone was tense, on edge. Haberdash and Silas were hiding, waiting for just the right moment. Old Man Vengeance was around the corner gun drawn and ready. Dr. Grant stayed in the comm center and jammed all transmissions. The syndicate ship was a Blockade Runner class vessel, that looked like this: Blockade runner The moment came. Two grunts were inside the refinery, grabbing another load of oil, while two others and the boss remained outside. The refinery doors slammed shut, locking Truck, Haberdash, Silas, in the dark with 2 Syndicate grunts. A blast of gunfire and shotguns sent flurries of light through the refinery. In the glow, they could see one guard get his whole shoulder blown clean off, severing the arm in a spray of shotgun blast. The other guard took damage, and managed to tag Silas with a few bullets. The other guards ran over, opening the doors and started firing. Silas proved his worth, putting a shot directly into the brain of one guard, sending the insides of his head spread evenly throughout the refinery. A full on gun battle erupted, the guards caught in the middle as Old man vengeance came around the outside screaming obscenities and opening fire.

Dr. Grant saw another ship had just entered orbit. He jammed their signal, and then sprinted over to the landed Syndicate ship, barely missing the stray bullets all around him. Silas took some heavy damage, but managed to hit the Syndicate Boss as Truck ran behind a guard, an in an impressive display of textbook grappling technique, he disarmed the guard, put him in a lock, then drew his knife and slit the guards throat. The Boss tried to hide, but Old Man Vengeance had had enough. He ran as fast as he could, around the other side of the building, his flak jacket and long hair blowing in the wind. He turned the corner, pointed a gun directly at the boss and screamed, “This is fer what you done to my boy!”

The bullet flew true, straight into the mobster’s eye, sending his brain straight out the back of his head.

Dr. Grant stepped inside the ship, only to hear gunfire and the sound of ricocheting bullets as a scared voice asked him what was going on. Truck and Haberdash then snuck over and stealthily explored the ship. The orbiting ship had broken the jam and was asking for an explanation as to what was going on. Haberdash used the shadows to his advantage, slowly climbing down the ships corridors. Truck caught up to him and coughed loudly, sending an echo through the halls of the ship, surely giving away their location. He made sure Haberdash knew they needed this last guy alive.

Haberdash climbed carefully down into the bowels of the ship and saw the engineer hiding, barely knowing how to hold his gun. Haberdash got right behind him without being heard and captured the unsuspecting engineer.

They tried to have the engineer threaten the other ship, but the other vessel knew something was up. Eventually Truck gave up and started talking directly to Bobby Bouboir, who seemed actually impressed that someone had managed to defeat his entire other crew. Bobby wanted a meeting. Eventually they picked a neutral location. Bobby liked what these boys had to offer, and made a deal. They can make use of this oil supply in exchange for two favors to be named later for the Marconi Syndicate. The team was told that a mysterious “Mr. Fontaine” would contact them about these “favors” at a later date.

After that, the team loaded up the oil (60 tons worth!) into their hold and took it back to Clyde who gave them a good deal for it. Clyde is now set up with some better contacts inside the Imperium, and he’ll hopefully start having some better merchandise available.



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