The Mutara Sector

Kal's After Action Report

Mission 1: Seek and Recon for Unidentified Capital Vessel

PreOp Tasked to Team per Dr. Grant via subcontract to Bruce Buffer in lieu of continued Lab Security for duration of Mission. Introduced to Bruce Buffer (Operational Commander-OpCom), Truck, Sam Phischer, and James Journey. Briefed on unidentified capital ship (UCS) sighting in vicinity of Lystra. Kyrie space craft leased for duration of mission.

Operation Departed station and began with jump to Lystra. Proceeded with circular search pattern of surrounding systems. First planet found was Magnus – frigid conditions and dense wealth saturation. Second planet discovered was Turin – advanced technology and decreased wealth density. 3rd system searched, Al-Theia, registered sensor anomaly. Planet registered negliable population and negligable technology. Upon further examination, anomaly was USC in rapid uncontrolled decent (RUD) towards planet. Attempts to navigate asteroid field separating Kyrie from UCS unsuccessful. UCS terminated RUD on surface of non-atmosphered planet. De-structured vessel was investigated. Attempts to restore power and access computers unsuccessful and rendered James Journey unconscious. Identified vessel as Imperium Research vessel. Breached sealed bay to expose laboratory (samples acquired). Investigation then interrupted by incoming Imperium troop carrier. Detained by Marine cadre led by Admiral. OpCom denied Imperium access to Kyrie. Sam Fischer attempted to negotiate positive relations with Admiral with limite results. Truck destabilized and disembarked vessel to unknown destination. Imperium prepped for scuttling of UCS. Marine fire team began pursuit of Truck. Truck engaged marine fire team without release of weapons order. Remainder of Team stood ready. Admiral attempted to solicit medical incarceration from Team. OpCom declined medical incarceration. Admiral taken hostage under threat of violence to negotiate departure. Marine weapons policed and taken into custody, team boarded Kyrie and departed.

Post Op Upon RTB, Truck departed to unknown parts of station. Remained of team submitted to medical examination performed by Dr. Grant. Cleared of medical threats. Samples deposited to lab. Mission complete. Tasked with Post Op objective of retrieving Truck for Medical Examination. Search pattern began with top floors of tower moving down, then clock wise around the ring. Truck found in abandoned docking station after 15 hours of searching. Negotiated compliant travel to lab for medical examination.

Mission complete – return to security duties.



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