The Mutara Sector

Kal's After Action Report

Mission 1: Seek and Recon for Unidentified Capital Vessel

PreOp Tasked to Team per Dr. Grant via subcontract to Bruce Buffer in lieu of continued Lab Security for duration of Mission. Introduced to Bruce Buffer (Operational Commander-OpCom), Truck, Sam Phischer, and James Journey. Briefed on unidentified capital ship (UCS) sighting in vicinity of Lystra. Kyrie space craft leased for duration of mission.

Operation Departed station and began with jump to Lystra. Proceeded with circular search pattern of surrounding systems. First planet found was Magnus – frigid conditions and dense wealth saturation. Second planet discovered was Turin – advanced technology and decreased wealth density. 3rd system searched, Al-Theia, registered sensor anomaly. Planet registered negliable population and negligable technology. Upon further examination, anomaly was USC in rapid uncontrolled decent (RUD) towards planet. Attempts to navigate asteroid field separating Kyrie from UCS unsuccessful. UCS terminated RUD on surface of non-atmosphered planet. De-structured vessel was investigated. Attempts to restore power and access computers unsuccessful and rendered James Journey unconscious. Identified vessel as Imperium Research vessel. Breached sealed bay to expose laboratory (samples acquired). Investigation then interrupted by incoming Imperium troop carrier. Detained by Marine cadre led by Admiral. OpCom denied Imperium access to Kyrie. Sam Fischer attempted to negotiate positive relations with Admiral with limite results. Truck destabilized and disembarked vessel to unknown destination. Imperium prepped for scuttling of UCS. Marine fire team began pursuit of Truck. Truck engaged marine fire team without release of weapons order. Remainder of Team stood ready. Admiral attempted to solicit medical incarceration from Team. OpCom declined medical incarceration. Admiral taken hostage under threat of violence to negotiate departure. Marine weapons policed and taken into custody, team boarded Kyrie and departed.

Post Op Upon RTB, Truck departed to unknown parts of station. Remained of team submitted to medical examination performed by Dr. Grant. Cleared of medical threats. Samples deposited to lab. Mission complete. Tasked with Post Op objective of retrieving Truck for Medical Examination. Search pattern began with top floors of tower moving down, then clock wise around the ring. Truck found in abandoned docking station after 15 hours of searching. Negotiated compliant travel to lab for medical examination.

Mission complete – return to security duties.

Previously, On Traveller, part 5 and a half
the zombies part

Session 7.5: “In mother Russia, the dead don’t try to kill you… much”

Players: Blake Digglestone (my gun is bigger than your gun, also I have grenades, Jeremy), Truck (this is the perfect place to load something, Gary), Haberdash (commence blade-dodging, Jason) and Commander Roclaw (he’s from russia, even though this is the space-future and russia doesn’t exist, Mike O).

The players had some money burning a hole in their space-pockets, and wanted some cybernetic enhancements done, and Doc was able to point them in the direction of a Karnak Toth, who worked on a planet called Ainon. After a bit of looking, the players found the planet, and got Toth to install some subdermal armor.

The players then decided to follow up on a lead from planet Naiwa. Last time they passed through the area, they found it odd that such a busy, high technology planet would have complete comm silence, and no shipping traffic whatsoever. It just seemed eerily out of place.

Approaching the planet, the players noticed the same eerie silence, and they head to the site of the hospital where John Swanson worked. John was an old contact known by James Madison and Truck, and it seemed like as good a place as any to start an investigation. Landing at a nearby port, a few miles walk from the hospital, the players opened the airlock to find empty city streets, looted stores, burned out, destroyed vehicles, and general disarray. Occasionally, the team came across mutilated bodies that seemed to be shredded apart by vicious animals. A small child was found in the back seat of a car, torn apart, it’s insides thrown hastily across the interior of the car. The players began to hear strange sounds all around them… clicking noises, heavy breathing, fast footsteps…

Blake turned and face forward, guns drawn, just like the rest of the team. When he turned back around, four creatures were sprinting straight towards him—human-like figures whose flesh was burned, blistered, whose teeth were large, grotesque, gruesome mandibles and whose fingernails had grown into large razor-sharp claws. The team opened fire as the creatures sprinted forward. Laser rifle beams cut through some of the creatures, as shotgun blasts rang out, blowing off limbs and sometimes heads. The creatures caught up to the team and let a flurry of vicious slashing attacks loose on the team. Blake stood valiantly, taking most of the hits as they glanced off his brand new combat armor. Truck took some vicious damage.

The team finally managed to clear the enemies, but could hear more coming. They made their way to the door of the hospital as hordes of creatures ran towards them making screeching hissing sounds. The door was barricaded. Truck and Roclaw smashed it in while Haberdash and Blake held the creatures at bay. Finally the team made it inside to find a dimly lit corridor full of dead nurses and orderlies, all torn apart, their dried blood caking the floors. The team even came across a nursery where dozens of children had been sliced apart by the monstrosities. Around this time, Truck and Blake, who had both taken some damage from the creatures, began to feel very strange, mentally drained, and unable to focus.

Eventually they came to John Swanson’s office and found it locked. After some forcing, they got inside to see John’s body draped across his desk, dead. He had been recording a video at the time of his death, and they pulled it up. It was a message intended for James Madison, warning him of the situation on Naiwa, saying that Pharin Pharmaceuticals, a company the players had encountered before, had accidentally created this virus that mutated part of the population into these horrid abominations, and the disease had spread through the entire planet. The message was part plea for help, part warning to stay away. In the middle of the recording, John had been attacked by one of the creatures. He managed to fight it off, lock the door, then died from his wounds while trying to finish the recording.

The players managed to mine the computer for information and evidence about Pharin, as well as some gene sequencing software. The doctors research pointed to the fact that this hospital might house a decent cybernetics lab, but the players didn’t have time for investigating. They grabbed a fairly high level Med-Kit, and passed by about 1 ton worth of random medical diagnostic equipment in the rooms. Using the med kit, they tested each others blood and saw that Truck and Blake had been hit with some sort of nuerotoxin. They needed a way back to the ship without risking getting attacked in the streets again. They searched the computers and found a set of ambulances in the emergency wing of the building, or a care flight helicopter on the roof.

They made their way upstairs to the roof. Halfway up they heard the screeching sounds of the creatures coming from below them. As they ran, and Truck limped, Blake dropped some grenades down hastily, killing a large group of the beasts, but the explosion was so close to the team, that they were hit by flying shrapnel. The team made it to the top of the stairs, chased by more creatures, and barely made it out the door in time. Roclaw held the door as the other players sprinted to the chopper. In a last moment of desperation, Roclaw tossed a grade through the door into the mob of creatures desperately craving for his blood, then he sprinted to the copper, the explosion igniting the roof behind him in a spray of fire, blood, and limbs. He grabbed on the side of the chopped just as it lifted off, as more creatures jumped to slash at him with no avail.

They made it back to the ship and jumped out of the system as soon as possible.

Previously, On Traveller, part 5
Space Heists and Space Zombies happened.

This night was split into 2 separate sessions of play:

Session 7: “No, I’m Not Trying to be Stealthy”

Players: Bruce Buffer (amazing driver. Also fat. Mike O), Dr. Grant (yep, still a doctor, Ryan), Haberdash (thank god I upgraded my explosives skill last time, Jason), and Blake Digglestone (why be nervous? I just have an untested nuclear accelerator strapped to my back, Jeremy)

The players followed up on an old lead on the planet Lystra, where previously the players had been involved in the assassination of the main settlements magistrate, and another group had successfully fought off a mob protection racket.

They knew that the magistrate’s mansion had a secret, well-protected shed/warehouse in the back that possibly contained something awesome. So they went to check it out. They found that a new magistrate named Owen Renthal had taken over the town. He was a very young man who fancied himself a noble, but was in reality not the brightest. He was in fact the guy who bent over and allowed the mob to gain a foothold there in the first place. Bruce began chatting the guy up about buying some sort of space-wine-scotch or something fancy like that, while Dr. Grant and Blake faked their way through the estate, posing as health inspectors. This also gave Haberdash the chance to sneak away on his own and case the place.

Haberdash devised a plan to place a bomb on the main power generator of the facility, dropping the power and allowing the team to steal the potentially precious treasure, but he needed time to set the bomb, meaning he needed the others to distract the guard at the generator. Blake stepped out with a gigantic laser rifle, powered by a huge electronic backpack, pointed right at the guards face, without even trying to hide it. The guard freaked out, pulled a gun and the two exchanged some heated words while Dr. Grant tried to not die. A second guard came up behind Blake and demanded they put the guns down. All parties eventually did, and the guards made to arrest the doctor and his trigger-happy new friend. Dr. Grant didn’t take kindly to being treated like a common thug, and put up a very loud and obnoxious argument, which only infuriated the guards more.

Eventually the two were taken and locked up, sans laser rifle, just as Haberdash finished constructing his explosive. Owen, who was in contact with his guards during all this, was now wise to the situation, and kicked Bruce out of the place. As Bruce walked out the front door and talked through the new plan on the teams new comm system, a huge explosion tore through the complex, dropping the power. At the very same instant, Blake and the doctor smashed out of their makeshift prison thanks to Blake’s concealed body pistol. A passing guard saw them and exchanged a few shots and Dr. Grant sprinted up to him, syringe in hand. The doctor pumped the guard full of nitro, dropping him almost instantly to the ground. The guard stared at Dr. Grant in horror, unable to move, as the doctor soothed him with words of how everything was gonna be ok, and he could heal the guard if he was willing to cooperate.

By this point, Haberdash joined them as Bruce acquisitioned a small loading jeep/truck thing and drove towards the shed. With a security guard running behind him taking potshots, he expertly wove the vehicle through the grounds of the estate, lining it up perfectly with the door of the shed, smashing into it at full speed. The players discovered 23 tons of Xarnacin – an illegal combat stimulant used by the military, and para-military mercenary groups. The players realized this was worth a lot of money – but that their ship could only carry 15 tons, and they had no way to get the goods to the ship.

Racing back to the ship, aware that the cops had been called, they took off and flew the ship over the estate, turret beam cannons bathing the grounds in searing fire. Blake took the jeep out to a large distance and began picking off guards with his rifle as the ship continued to blast cop cars, sawing them in half or just blowing them up. Dr. Grant used science to vanquish his enemies, hacking into the guards comm frequencies and sending a special carrier-wave signal designed to cause paralysis instantly. All said and done, 4 police officers met with their death, as well as 5 private security guards.

The players loaded up as much of the Xarnacin as they could carry and headed for a place they could sell it—Aleophon. Blake found a man named Rick – an ex-marine junkie who still had some ties to mercenary groups. He offered to buy the Xarnacin, but couldn’t match the deal Bruce worked out with another buyer: a man known simply as “Doc,” who not only bought the Xarnacin for over 2 million credits, but provided some rare black-market weapons and armor to the team. However, Doc was an old enemy of Blake’s, who seems to harbor a bitter grudge over some former betrayal. Dr. Grant also made a contact named Alex Reed at a local hospital while posing as a representative for a fictional Dr. Rosenrosen. Alex was offering the sale of some used medical equipment.

With all that wrapped up, the team headed back to the station, where Dr. Grant was eager to return to his lab for more tests, but the team found that Truck was sitting around, eagerly itching to get out into a new mission…

Previously, On Traveller, part 4
The best gunfight ever happened

Session #6: “The Half-Decent Seven,” or, “The Magnificent-ish Four”

Players: Dr. Grant (I think he’s a doctor, Ryan), Truck (the steward skill means something dammit, Gary), Haberdash (secret agent man, Jason) and Silas Wainright (this pilot/gun’s for hire, Jeff).

Clyde Peabody, owner of the humble item shop on Mutara station, wanted the team to find him a good size shipment of oil (a likely find on desert worlds) and establish him a source so he could get some better items in his shop. The only desert planet the team knew of was Lystra, the place where Giran was killed not so long ago.

They arrived at Lystra to find that there was a weird abscence of comm chatter. They knew this world only had one small settlement, but there was usually something going on. Eventually they were spotted by someone on the ground and asked to leave the area, although in the background, noise was heard, phrases like “maybe they can help us,” “ain’t no one can help us,” etc. as two clearly younger parties argued, forgetting to switch off the comm. Eventually an elder voice came across and said the team could land.

They were greeted by a man named Sam and his two boys. After some initial hesitation and awkwardness, Sam explained that since Giran died, the town was taken over by Owen Renthal, who pretty much bent over for the Marconi Syndicate. The syndicate was taking all the oil from the colony in a classic “protection” racket.

The team wanted that oil and wanted to help the colony out, so they started setting up an ambush. They tried to set some explosives, but being so unskilled in such a task, they couldn’t figure out how to safely work the fuses to not blow themselves up. Silas was able to stake out the refinery and set up good positioning for everyone involved. Trying to get the settlers involved, Dr. Grant stood in front of the town to give a rousing speech, a call to arms. Instead, he mumbled a lot, trailed off, and kept saying stuff like, “come on, it’s not a big deal if you get hurt, I mean, I AM a doctor after all… cough.” Few people were inspired, but one grisly old man in a dusty, torn flak jacket, a tattered hat, and a broken, splintered monacle stood up waving a gun around shouting, “I’ll join ya! I wanna send them straight t’hell fer what they done to my boy!” This was the man who the townspeople referred to as “Old Man Vengeance.”

The next morning the Marconi ship entered orbit and gave the usual instructions. Haberdash tried to use the data they stole from the previous mission on the Lyria Medical Station as leverage. The Syndicate people in this ship appeared to have no knowledge of what Haberdash was talking about. These were clearly grunts. The ship landed, and they started loading the oil like clockwork. After a few tons had been loaded, everyone was tense, on edge. Haberdash and Silas were hiding, waiting for just the right moment. Old Man Vengeance was around the corner gun drawn and ready. Dr. Grant stayed in the comm center and jammed all transmissions. The syndicate ship was a Blockade Runner class vessel, that looked like this: Blockade runner The moment came. Two grunts were inside the refinery, grabbing another load of oil, while two others and the boss remained outside. The refinery doors slammed shut, locking Truck, Haberdash, Silas, in the dark with 2 Syndicate grunts. A blast of gunfire and shotguns sent flurries of light through the refinery. In the glow, they could see one guard get his whole shoulder blown clean off, severing the arm in a spray of shotgun blast. The other guard took damage, and managed to tag Silas with a few bullets. The other guards ran over, opening the doors and started firing. Silas proved his worth, putting a shot directly into the brain of one guard, sending the insides of his head spread evenly throughout the refinery. A full on gun battle erupted, the guards caught in the middle as Old man vengeance came around the outside screaming obscenities and opening fire.

Dr. Grant saw another ship had just entered orbit. He jammed their signal, and then sprinted over to the landed Syndicate ship, barely missing the stray bullets all around him. Silas took some heavy damage, but managed to hit the Syndicate Boss as Truck ran behind a guard, an in an impressive display of textbook grappling technique, he disarmed the guard, put him in a lock, then drew his knife and slit the guards throat. The Boss tried to hide, but Old Man Vengeance had had enough. He ran as fast as he could, around the other side of the building, his flak jacket and long hair blowing in the wind. He turned the corner, pointed a gun directly at the boss and screamed, “This is fer what you done to my boy!”

The bullet flew true, straight into the mobster’s eye, sending his brain straight out the back of his head.

Dr. Grant stepped inside the ship, only to hear gunfire and the sound of ricocheting bullets as a scared voice asked him what was going on. Truck and Haberdash then snuck over and stealthily explored the ship. The orbiting ship had broken the jam and was asking for an explanation as to what was going on. Haberdash used the shadows to his advantage, slowly climbing down the ships corridors. Truck caught up to him and coughed loudly, sending an echo through the halls of the ship, surely giving away their location. He made sure Haberdash knew they needed this last guy alive.

Haberdash climbed carefully down into the bowels of the ship and saw the engineer hiding, barely knowing how to hold his gun. Haberdash got right behind him without being heard and captured the unsuspecting engineer.

They tried to have the engineer threaten the other ship, but the other vessel knew something was up. Eventually Truck gave up and started talking directly to Bobby Bouboir, who seemed actually impressed that someone had managed to defeat his entire other crew. Bobby wanted a meeting. Eventually they picked a neutral location. Bobby liked what these boys had to offer, and made a deal. They can make use of this oil supply in exchange for two favors to be named later for the Marconi Syndicate. The team was told that a mysterious “Mr. Fontaine” would contact them about these “favors” at a later date.

After that, the team loaded up the oil (60 tons worth!) into their hold and took it back to Clyde who gave them a good deal for it. Clyde is now set up with some better contacts inside the Imperium, and he’ll hopefully start having some better merchandise available.

Previously on Traveller, pt 3
weird science happened

More meta:

Session #5 “We Do Science To It” or, “What ‘Fringe’ SHOULD be, if it was cool”

Players: Pilgrim (you might know him from such movies as ‘space top-gun’, Champ), James Madison (THAT guy, Jeremy), Bruce Buffer (how did he fit in the turret? Mike O), Dr. Grant (He’s a doctor, not an anything else, Ryan).

A famous scientist named Rolin Wainmyer was headed to Mutara station, and wanted the crew to accompany him to planet Gaius. Rolin was a famous planetologist, one of the leaders in the field of terraformation. He speacialized in worlds that are “almost” habitable, and he modifies the environment to support human life and colonies. Gaius was his first project, and he wants to visit it to see how it’s been holding up.

Trying to expand the profit margin of the mission Bruce Buffer asked Jack the bartender if he knows of any cargo they might be able to unload on a place like Gaius. Jack leans over and discreetly whispered, “how do you feel about Llamas?”

So, with a cargo hold full of Llamas, they arrive at Gaius, a rich garden world, which seems to only have one tiny colony. Rolin directed the team to the backside of the planet to conduct some research into the environment. After setting up the ridiculous amount of gear, several large tentacle creatures attacked the crew, giving Dr. Grant a serious lashing. The team quickly pulled their firearms and opened fire on the creatures. They even managed to turn the ships turrets loose and recklessly fired huge beam cannons at the things, obliterating them in a spray of ooze.

The Kryophage It was then that Rolin broke down and told them the real story. He took some shortcuts when he terraformed this world, and a native strain of bacteria called the Kryophage had mutated into these dangerous creatures, which now posed a threat to the colony. He needed the crew to help him not only save the colonists, but save his legacy as a scientist. They only had a few days before an investigation team would arrive to judge the danger on this planet, and when the creatures were discovered, Rolin’s name would be a blight in the history books, instead of the shining example it currently was. He needed to solve the Kryophage problem before that team arrived, and before the colonists were harmed.

After investigating the creatures, Dr. Grant worked long hours discovering exactly how the creatures worked, and managed to synthesize a retrovirus that could potentially de-evolve them to a harmless state, if the could plant the virus inside one of their hives.

Pilgrim took the ship to the air and found a large cave structure that seemed to serve as a central hive. It took all his piloting skills to navigate the ships safely through the cavers as much as they could, and then James Madison’s remote control airplane did the rest, depositing the retrovirus exactly where it was needed.

During the process, the team found a large, egg-shaped artifact that appeared to glow with a blue light. Not knowing what it was, they took it on board for further study. It appeared unresponsive at first.

They hooked up with the colonists, sold the Llamas in exchange for a large amount of spices, and jumped out of the system. As soon as they entered jumpspace, the artifact began to hum and glow eerily, and when touched, it opened up and the whole cargo bay was glowing with radiant blue light in a beautiful map of the stars. Taking a scan, Madison fed the data into the computer, whose astrogation software showed that the artifact was highlighting a few sectors that the team hadn’t been to before.

Putting that mystery to rest, the team sold the spice on Aleophon. They also picked up a lot of coded comm chatter in the sector, presumably from pirate vessels. They booked it back home, wondering if they could potentially capture more ships…

Previously on Traveller, pt 2
then this happened

Continuing the all-meta info. Here’s the adventures you COULD be having:

Session #4: “The Dread Space-Pirate Roberts” Players: Bruce Buffer (fat bastard businessman, Mike O), Sam Phisher (think Master Chief, Chris), Truck (he loads boxes, sometimes shotguns, Gary), James Madison (professional pussy-footer, Jeremy) and Pilgrim (pretty-boy pilot, Champ).

Commander Tomar, the head of Mutara Station approached the team needing help. A few ships had been sent out from the station, and hadn’t been heard back from, he feared the worst. Resources being limited, he was only able to investigate one of the ships, and wanted the team to investigate the other. They did.

They travelled to the ships destination to try to find it. They found Aleophon, a rich waterworld known for it’s floating skscrapers and huge flying cities. It’s where the rich old people go to retire in absolute luxury. On the outskirts of the sector they found the derelect vessel they were searching for, looked like it had been in a fight. Pilgrim used his piloting skills to dock with the spinning damaged vessel, which was no easy task, and they boarded. They found a lot of dead marines, and one who was barely alive, and ashamed of how he let his crewmates die. It appears the ships had been hit by pirates, who killed most of the crew while this young recruit was hiding, almost like he was imitating James Madison.

As they were exploring the ship, another vessel appeared out of jumpspace and appeared to be on an intercept course—the pirates had come back to finish looting the ship!

The crew jumped back into their vessel with the young pansy marine survivor, and booked it out of dodge. Pilgrim managed to rig the derelect vessel to fly autopilot on a collision course to the pirates, as the two ships exchanged furious laser fire. Both ships took damage, and the team finally managed to break the distance and jump out of there.

Session 4.5 “I smell gold!” or, “Can I hit them with the sandcaster? What does that do?” “They Die. Instanly and horribly. Way to go, Pacifist.”

(Pilgrim needed a break, and took one, but the rest of the crew wanted to settle something from before).

James Madison, from his very first mission, had come across quite a large stockpile of gold, and knew that Bruce Buffer would be helpful in negotiating a good price, if they could find a buyer. The newly discovered Aleophon seemed like a good place to unload some precious metals. After a blunderous deal-session, the crew was approached by two pirate vessels who began attacking immediately. This time, the crew wanted to put their courage to the test—even James Madison didn’t want the pirates to get away with such… piracy…

The team was flying the Kyrie, an old Military escort, and it proved quite a match for the pirates, heavily damaging one ship as the team shouted over the comms threatening words and demands for surrender. Over the comm, the team heard back the cacophonous sounds of a struggle—it seems the first pirate vessel was in a state of mutiny! The pirates were arguing amongst each other about whether they should escape or not, and it had gotten violent. The second ship proved more difficult. It tried to escape, but the Kyrie pursued it hard. Eventually the pirates launched a boarding party, using jetpacks to blast their was across. A well-placed missle landed right in the pirate’s open cargo bay, killing most of the crew instantly in a huge ball of firey death. The last few members of the boarding party got close to the Kyrie when the team let loose a barrage of sandcasters. Meant to block laser beams, the sandcasters are a powerful weapon when used on people. The remaining pirates were shredded to pieces, and the team captured the pirate vessel.

They managed to repair the Pirate Corsair, and it’s now parked at Mutara Station. It looks like this: Corsair

Previously, on Traveller pt 1
here's what happened

Hey gang, just wanted to give some brief descriptions of the last few sessions, since no one has written them up. All this info is “Meta,” so your characters won’t necessarily know it. This is just to give you, the player, an idea of what’s been happening, to show the variety of cool adventures that have been going on, they’ve been fun.

Session 3: “Where’s My Daughter?” or, “Medical Mishaps”

Players: James Madison (pacifist computer whiz, Jeremy), Agent Haberdash (Violent Spy, Jason), Truck (pro dock-loader and all-around nice guy, Gary), Spike (ex-pirate, Cowboy Steve), and Sam Phisher (ex-Marine badass, Chris).

The team was hired by a scared scientist named Brighton Danophan, who was being extorted by the Marconi Syndicate. They had his daughter captured in cryofreeze on a small science station orbiting Lyria (an ice-capped industrial world). He wanted them to retrieve his daughter, and his research, which could lead him to cure his daughters sickness. Upon arriving at the empty, seemingly derelict research station, they docked, forced their way in after spying using a remote control drone, and searched the place. During the search, they were attacked by two Syndicate guards. A quick spray of gunfire sent James Madison running to the other room like a little girl. To his credit, he tried to cut the power, but wasn’t able to hack it. The rest of the team quickly killed one guard and captured the other, taking him hostage. They found the research, found several tons of medical supplies that would fetch a good price, and even found a secret supply of Xarnacin (an illegal combat-enhancing narcotic).

During the loading process, a ship jumped into the sector and began to approach, clearly a syndicate vessel come to check on the station. The team loaded what they could and launched the ship. As they were leaving, and the syndicate vessel was warning them not to leave, there was some argument of what to do next. While the team raced through their options, Spike jumped to action, leaping into a turret and fired a devastating laser blast into the side of the research station, blowing a huge gaping hole in the side. Some more brief fire was exchanged before the team was able to get to jump distance and get the hell out of dodge.

The team knew they could probably unload their med supplies on a world like Naiwa, the rich, high-tech planet that it was. Upon arriving in Naiwa’s sector, they picked up a distress call from a derelict ship floating nearby. There was quite a bit of argument over what to do with the syndicate hostage, and whether or not to investigate the distress call. Eventually it was decided that they couldn’t ignore a ship that might be in trouble. Truck took the initiative and suited up in a Vacc Suit to explore the troubled vessel. He walked alone through the dark, steaming hallways, seeing blood on the walls, scratch marks, clear signs of a violent, brutal struggle. Getting halfway through the ship Truck felt a sharp tearing down his back, he was under attack! turning, he saw a disfigured, horribly scarred figure, whose flesh was burned, boiled, and deformed, his fingernails grown into large claws. He let a few shotgun blasts ring out and the creature fell to the ground.

They explored the ship further and found research and medical supplies relating to some sort of virus. At this point the recieved a message from Naiwa. A representative from Pharin Pharmaceuticals detected their presence and wanted to get the research that was on board the ship, it was worth a lot of money to them. James Madison remembered that Pharin was the target of a number of increasingly violent protest groups on Naiwa.

The team was able to find another source on Naiwa to sell their medical supplies, not trusting Pharin. They tried to sell the information to the protest groups leader, but they were unimpressed, they seemed to already have their own evidence of Pharin’s wrongdoing. The team left, and hasn’t been back to Naiwa since.

Contacts gained: James Madison and Truck both forged a good relationship with Brighton Danophan, and would consider him a good friend. James Madison also made a sizeable donation to a Naiwa hospital, gaining a contact with one of the head doctors: John Swanson.

Roman and Giran: a love too deep

“You wouldn’t believe what happens in the outer rim; I don’t think any of these uncharted planets really understand how business is done.” You’ve heard this same battle cry for the past three weeks. Something about a deal gone awry. Bruce hasn’t really expanded at all on the details and rest assured had he spoken, everyone in the bar would know it. Sure Bruce is a likeable guy but give it a rest.

A random traveller, a man of no consequence pulls up a seat at the bar next to Mr. Buffer and says “of course what did you expect? What makes your story any different than the hundreds of others that happen out here everyday” “I’ll tell you but it will cost you a drink”

The stranger nods at the bartender and Bruce offers the man a cigar which he gladly accepts. The two light up and as Bruce begins his tale.

“Well, it all started with an under the table job that our good friend (points at bartender) lead us too. There was a man by the name of Roman that wanted some Guns brought to a contact named Giran, on a poor industrial world named Lystra. Roman was obviously an ex-solider. He was scarred up and modded out. You know the type, a face that never showed emotion and a lack of willingness to negotiate. As I said, these guys don’t understand business at all.”

The bartender brings out a glass of Scotch. Which causes Bruce to pause only long enough to guzzle half of it down like it was water.

“So we rent our ship and head to this planet, According to James Madison - our naive yet refreshingly honest pilot - we had been followed by three vessels. Nothing ever came of this, though I suspect those were Roman’s personal ships for reasons that will be clear soon enough. Anyways, we get to this backwater planet and do everything we can to avoid confirming the fact that we have a cargo bay full of guns. So we go out in search of Giran at local pubs, only to find out he is a poorly liked political leader of some kind. Whatever, Business is Business. I like anyone who can line my pockets.

We were so scared we were being set up for a trap that we went to great lengths to construct a plan to scout out and investigate the drop point in order to insure that this little business venture was in fact legit. In my limited experience out here I can tell you, that is a fair concern. As soon as we got back in our ship to execute our well laid plan, the dock foreman asked if we had Giran’s shipment. All that secrecy for nothing! Gaht- Damn back worlds…..

We get to Giran’s personal estate to deliver the expected shipment, why anyone would want this arsenal delivered to their home is beyond me. anyways, Giran ends up being one of the few sensible business men around. This is when all of the action really begins. You see, Madison detected a ship landing 10 miles away from the drop spot and a small vehicle driving towards our location.

I informed Giran of the Situation and he seemed unconcerned. Giran was a cocky invincible individual. He walked with a bravado known only to the most self-assured. But this ended up being his undoing.

At this point the vehicle arrives and who steps out? Roman. That tricky star dog. He starts shouting stuff about being betrayed and then pulls his gun. That was my signal that civilized business was done for. I ran as fast as I could to the ship—which, for the record, wasn’t very fast. From the safety of the airlock I watched Roman start firing on Giran, while the muscle of the group (Chris and Jason) had a very in depth talk about…... about…. who knows, all I know is that they weren’t fighting. They weren’t fighting and Giran was shot dead.

As it turns out, this was all a ruse by Roman to have Giran’s defenses lowered so he could extract revenge for some blah, blah blah bla blah” (Bruce makes a talking mouth motion with his hand while rolling his eyes) [meta: A long time ago, Roman and Giran had worked together with a squad of Marine’s on a huge drug bust—but Giran was on the take, betrayed them, and got all the marine’s except Roman killed. Chris’s character made a deep emotional impact with Roman. Jason’s character did not like being betrayed and put Roman on some sort of shoot-on-sight-blacklist] We had to do the one thing that I hate doing. We called the authorities. The authorities questioned us individually and I had set up the perfect ignorance/wrong place wrong time scenario for the other guys; all they had to do was stick to the script.

But that James Madison is a wild card. Or perfectly predictable card. I can’t tell. anyways He ended up telling the cops the Truth. If this had been any other planet we’d be rotting in a jail cell right now.

Luckily we got off the home world with only our cargo confiscated.”

The stranger was fascinated by what Bruce was saying and asked

“so, all that and you didn’t get a thing”

“Hell no. as I said earlier, Giran was a business man, Giran paid up front. And Roman didn’t take his cut.”

“How much did you guys end up netting?”

“1.65 million, not bad for moving fake armaments”

“They were fake?”

“Did I not mention that? Well, anyways, they were fake. And Giran had this heavily fortified warehouse out back. I wonder what was inside. Who knows?’


This is the personal log of Retired Petty Officer, 1st class, James Madison. I am about to relay to you the most fantastic story. Though this will seem little more than fiction, I assure you that the events depicted herein are, in fact, true, to the best of my recollection.

Six months ago, I moved to Mutara Station, along with my wife Cecilia, in order to escape the stresses of Imperium Space. Though I was quite content to work on my hobbies and enjoy my retirement, Cecilia, ever the curious explorer, was quickly growing restless with our predictable life. Rumors spread through the station quickly, and one in particular captured the imagination of Cecilia. I speak of course of the tale of Gethil. Now, the story of Gethil, if you are not aware, is the most ridiculous, naive story out here, dealing with space pirates and buried treasure and the like. Well, not just buried treasure, but an entire treasure planet. Yes, that’s right, Cecilia convinced me that we should hunt out a hidden pirate treasure planet. After I stopped laughing at the absurdity of the situation, I realized she was sincere.

Now, I would like to point out, I am a simple man. If left to my own devices, I would likely spend most of my time building model star-ships, or coding efficiency algorithms. Adventure isn’t really in my blood. But Cecilia gets so excited about the prospect of discovery. I knew that if I didn’t go along with her, she would go by herself. So it was decided. I insisted that we speak with a few of our friends on the station. I am rather close to one of the dock-workers, an earnest man named Truck. Cecilia and I had also befriended a former nobleman, and I figured that, if nothing else, his way with words and his abundant capital would at least help us find a decent crew. We set about trying to find more information on what I presumed to be a fictitious planet.

After several hours, we met with limited success. By limited, I mean we had it narrowed down to the possibility that if it DID exist, and that was a strong maybe, it might be within a seven sector range. SEVEN SECTORS! Being a man of above average intelligence, I am sometimes uncertain of just exactly what my companions are capable of understanding. My 16 years of naval experience instilled a very deep understanding of just how LARGE seven sectors actually is. But this didn’t seem to dissuade our group in the least! On the contrary, they felt that this was a solid lead! Again, I am a simple man, and generally avoid confrontation, so I just smiled, and suggested we find a pilot.

I would like to take this opportunity to point out the fact that there aren’t exactly a glut of skilled pilots our here on the outer rim. I swear we must have talked to every single pilot on the station, and not one was a more accomplished pilot than I am. I suggested we check the planet of Naiwa, one sector over. Naiwa is a very rich industrial planet, and I ventured that we should be able to find a more skilled pool of candidates there.

So we gathered our things, prepared for the jump to Naiwa, then made ourselves comfortable for the long journey. Several days later, we arrived, and immediately set about finding a better pilot (not to mention one willing to fly into uncharted pirate territory). After asking around in the landing center’s pilot lounge, Truck was approached by a woman who wanted to know what we were looking for. The details of the encounter are better told by Truck, but the result was that she asked us to meet her at midnight at the loading docks. My alarm bells were raging out of control, but my companions seemed happy to oblige this completely mysterious, potentially dangerous stranger. ‘Great, sure, what’s the worst that can happen,’ I said, ‘let’s go meet the random person on the unknown planet by ourselves at the dark loading docks at midnight!’ Sometimes, I think that I’m the only person with any sense.

The woman tried to convince us that she was a private investigator, hired by an unnamed corporation, to discover if the planet Gethil did in fact exist. She then fed us this bogus story about how she was unable to charter a flight herself to find out, but that she was willing to get us in with a shipping fleet that was flying shipments to a moon that she said was likely the fabled Gethil. I didn’t exactly believe her, but my companions did, and, after all, I’m a simple man; I’m humble enough to admit that I’ve been wrong in the past.

The arrangement that she set up with us: we would pose as contract workers in order to join the shipping convoy. Once we made the jump and arrived at the moon, we would engage a tracking device that would enable her to find the location. From there, we were entitled to anything we could carry. Sounds idiotic. So of course we agreed (sigh).

Before we left orbit, a few of us insisted on checking our cargo. I have never been more happy that I followed my instincts. Within our cargo hold, distributed among the 15 one-ton crates, was fourteen and a half tons of GOLD. The more astute of you might wonder, what about the last half ton? Oh that? It was just a large explosive, carrying a big enough payload to tear out the entire butt of our ship. THIS is exactly why I choose to play it safe. We considered jettisoning the crate immediately, but we were concerned that the other ships in convoy would notice the launch, and take a hostile course. After considerable debate, it was decided that the safest plan was to just seal the crate back up and forget about it. We cautioned that it was actually just there to ensure we didn’t run off with 14 tons of gold.

The lead ships entered jump, and we followed close behind. Again, we settled in for another long trip through jump space. I was just starting to relax and forget about the immense danger we had been in thus far when Truck ran into the cockpit and told me that there was a beeping coming from that crate. Well sh@&.

We knew that we had to jettison that crate ASAP, but we faced two problems. One, opening an airlock in jump space is suicidal. Two, if we opened up the cargo bay, assuming we survived, fourteen and a half tons of gold would go flying out the back, never to return. My main concern was that the shipping company that hired us on would do everything they could to recoup that loss from us. My companions seemed more concerned about losing all of that gold for themselves. Granted, it IS a lot of gold, I agreed. Cecelia, you might be surprised, is quite the accomplished mechanic, and she pointed out that the structural support beams in the cargo bay were theoretically strong enough to lash down the 14 crates, leaving the one behind to be sucked out of the airlock. Truck agreed, and the two set out instructing us how to most quickly tie it all down. Thanks to the expertise of both of them, we were able to get everything lashed in about three and a half minutes, and as soon as it was tied, we evacuated back into the main cabin, and opened the airlock. And just like that, we were saved. But our trouble was only just beginning.

When we emerged from jump, the lead ship opened comms with us, and seemed to be distressed. “Uh, Kyrie, are you guys alright?” I knew that there was no way they could have tracked our jettison in jump space, so we knew that they had fully expected us to die. “Yes, we’re fine, just a little engine trouble, why do you ask?” Thirty seconds of silence passed before the confused helmsman called back, “no reason…” I knew that we had to get out of there ASAP. Luc├ís tried convincing them that our engines were malfunctioning, but that we had the situation well in hand, and that the convoy should go on without us, but the middle ship informed us that they were coming in for a closer look. Again, we tried to convince them to continue forward, but we were informed that they intended to board our craft. We all knew that if that happened, we would most assuredly be murdered, so I concocted a plan.

Using my naval experience, I rigged the power system to fluctuate, just enough to convince whoever was scanning it that we were having some sort of power failure. Cecilia rapidly plotted a jump course (no mean feat, I assure you), and we prepared for the incoming ship to move to docking range. Truck watched through the porthole for their approach, and as soon as their docking tunnel was almost fully extended, he gave the signal, and I punched the engine for everything she had. The convoy ship was completely surprised by this maneuver, and within moments, we entered jump, leaving the convoy far behind.

Fourteen and a half tons of gold. That is what we stole. I am shaking as I write this. If we get caught…

I would also like to inform you that we did scan a moon. Gethil is quite likely real. I, of course, have no intentions of going back, and for the future protection of my more reckless friends, I also have no intention of divulging what sector the moon was in. Better to completely forget about it.

I thought I moved out here to relax.

The Feed 002
updated current events around the station

Some of you have had some exciting adventures already, and might want to follow up with them based on what happened. Alternatively, here’s what’s been going on lately on Mutara station:

-You’ve seen a strange man wandering around the station the past few days. He’s dressed in fine, expensive clothing, much nicer than usual for out here on the rim. He’s making an effort to make himself look distinguished, but he’s clearly troubled. He’s jumpy, nervous, and looks like he hasn’t slept in days. He’s particularly been spending time in Jack’s bar talking to various pilots, who don’t seem to be interested in what he has to say.

-(meta: Harlan Dixon is a pre-made character, one of the adventurers that lives on the station with you. He is available as a player character if you don’t want to build a character of your own. He is an eccentric science professor with good medic, computer, and investigate skills, and a knowledge of varied sciences) Harlan Dixon just received a transmission from an old colleague. It seems that renowned planetologist Rolin Wainmyer is heading to Mutara station, and he’d like to hire a crew to go out on a scientific mission. He’d prefer the crew have some scientific experience and education, but it’s not required. He’ll share the details upon arrival.

-As always, if no current threads appeal to you, you can always approach a planet and try to make contacts and find work shipping freight and trade goods, either legal or illegal. With the rumors of increased piracy in the area, that could be an adventure unto itself.


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